The datasets presented in the dataset explorer are mainly websites but references to books and other printed material were also gathered and considered when no website alternative was found. For each dataset and information source, the following information was collected:

  • Name
  • Link (or reference)
  • Short description
  • Language
  • Time period
  • Issue/remark
  • Geographic area
  • Type of organisms covered
  • Name of the expert having entered the dataset
  • Last date of accession
  • Reliability
  • Source (government, research or private)

To obtain additional national datasets, particularly for information on trade and economic datasets (task 1.2) on the area under consideration for the PRA (task 1.3), and on pest management and phytosanitary regulations (task 1.4) a European survey was carried out by contacting the national plant protection organisations of all EU member states either by email (20 non-PRATIQUE members) or through participants of a EPPO workshop on PRA held in Cyprus in October 2008. A questionnaire was provided listing all priority dataset categories needed at national level for PRATIQUE and PRAs in general. The gathering of information was made by PRATIQUE with the support of EPPO. The questionnaire format was provided to the EFSA dataset collection project, PRASSIS.


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