Dataset Management System - Pest in current area of distribution

name area overall
taxo geog host economic envir official
chalara elegans
Alien plant Invaders of natural areas (weeds gone wild) USA A A B A A A A Plant Conservation Alliance's Alien Plant Working Group
Anamorph/Teleomorph database worldwide A A
APHIS Federal Noxious Weed List A B A A
Australian Plant Pest Database Australia A A A A A A A A A A Complicated to use at first but several fact sheets and pest risk assessments for each pest
Australia's Virtual Herbarium Australia A A
Bacterial Nomenclature Up-to-Date worldwide A A
Catalogue of Life worldwide A A
Common Names of Plant Diseases A A
COSAVE Argentina
A A A A A A limited number of datasheets
Crop Protection Compendium worldwide A A A A A A A A A
eFloras worldwide A A A
EPPO datasheets Europe A A A A A A A A A
EPPO Pest Alerts Europe A A A A A A A
EPPO Plant Protection Tesaurus (EPPT) Europe A A
A A A A A A EPPO is completly revising PQR now and is developing an EPPO global database which will also include datasheets distribution maps and the layout is completey different from the current PQR (more user friendly)
EPPO Reporting Service (Monthly) Europe
A A A A A A A A A A Available by e-mail on request can be downloaded from the website. In the future will be available through PQR
Featured Creatures USA Florida A A A A A A A A always a good source of information
Flora Europaea A A A B
Fungal Databases: System Worldwide A A A A same as 70 this description and link should be kept This link can be accessed through the one given in 70 - and I disagree, keep the other link as this also gave links to factsheets etc. This section gives useful information on hosts, taxonomy and literature references
GISD /ISSG worldwide A A A A A A A A A
Global Compendium of Weeds worldwide A C A duplicates dataset 182 DELETE
GRIN Taxonomy (USDA-ARS) North America A A A B
Hosts worldwide A restricted to Lepidoptera
ICTVdB worldwide A A essential for taxonomy for viruses
Index Fungorum worldwide A A essential for taxonomy for fungi
Invasive alien species in Switzerland Switzerland A A A A B A A A B Inventory on invasive alien species; very broad range of species; details for a number species within factsheets (48 for plant species,
Invasive Species Compendium worldwide A B A A A A A A A
IPNI - International Plant Names Index worldwide A A
List of Prokaryotic names with Standing in Nomenclature worldwide A A not frequently updated
MycoBank worldwide A A
NAFC-ExFor - North American Forest Commission Exotic Forest Pest Information System USA A A A A A A A Can prepare or review pests if register as a user. Forestry pests. Focus on impact in USA, but information still valuable
NAPPO Phytosanitary Alert System North America A A A A A A A A A very usefull for PRA
NatureServe Explorer North America A A A
NOBANIS Northern Europe A A A A A A A A duplicates 224
Nomenclator Zoologicus worldwide A A The ultimate ressource for genus name in the field of the zoology
Pest List Project (nematodes) USA worldwide A A A A A A A good database for nematodes I have already come across it before
Plant Viruses Online worldwide A C B A B A comprehensive list of virus with a lot of information on host, vectors, etc…
Plant Viruses Online A A A A only for viruses
Plantwise Worldwide A x A A A A A A x A Provides its own factsheets and distribution maps, but also links to other factsheets produced by other organisations. Still under development.
Provisional Global Plant Checklist worldwide A A C Basic data at the species level including a great number of species
ScaleNet worldwide A A A A Good website for scales
Species 2000 worldwide A A
Systematic Botany and Mycology Laboratory North America A A A A A A A A A same link as fungal database 125 links to fact sheets e.g. invasive and emerging fungal pathogens. Not all types of information available for all pests
Tela Botanica France A A B
The Universal Virus Database of the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses worldwide A A Not always easy to use, lists are complete but without any biological informations
Tropicos, Missouri Botanical Garden worldwide A A
USDA PLANTS database North America A A A
USDA Systematic Mycology and Microbiology Laboratory Worldwide A A B A A
USGS Nonindigenous Aquatic Species North America A B A B A A A A C Provides precise distribution data helpfull for mapping
Agriculture Pests Information System in China China B B B B B B B B B Only in Chinese but useful mainly for Asian pests that occur only in Asia
Agriculture Research Service (ARS) Exotic and Invasive Weeds Research Unit B B A B B Precise distribution in the US is useful for mapping (information might be available in other databases such as USDA)
Atlas Fitopatológico de Argentina Argentina B B B B B B limited to Argentina
Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants online Database B B B B (information also available in the APHIS-USDA database)
Australian Faunal Directory Australia B B B
Beetles and Coleopterists Russia and
B B B B B Only partly translated. B for Russian Version, C for English
Belgian Forum on Invasive Species Belgium B B B limited to Belgium
Bio-invasion in China China B B B B B B B B B B Much informatiuon on invasive species in China, but hardly any translation
BiolFlor Germany B B B B B B Morphological, Botanical and ecological data on plants/flora in Germany
Butterflies and Moths of North America North America B B B B Distribution data in particular may be of use to EU PRAs
Butterflies of Canada CBIF Canada B B B
California Invasive plant Council California B B B B B B Risk assessments are very useful
Canadian Forest Service Canada B B B B B B B B B B Lots of factsheets on forest pests and diseases but rather basic information
CAPS North America B B B B B B B B B B Easy access to nimi pest risk assessments
Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants B B A B B B A A B A Provides detailled information for some species only(information might be available in other databases such as USDA
Center for Invasive Plant Management North America B B A good portal to other websites of interest. Contains general information on impacts, inventories, prioritization, etc. it is a portal, and indicates other sources
DAISIE Europe B A For the moment, only the distribution data is really worthwile. Other data m(e.g. habitat) may be on the web sometimes. A few species have a datasheet
Ecoport worldwide? B B B B B B B General factsheets of pests. As CPC but less complete (except for some pests) and less well updated
ESSL, F. & RABITSCH, W. (2002): Neobiota in Österreich. Umweltbundesamt, Wien, 432 pp. Austria B B B B B B B B B inventory of invasive species in Austria; very broad range of invasive species; information on the single species is limited; language constraints (DE)
FL DOACS USA Florida B B B B B B Rating has been made assuming Florida equates to southern EU
FloraBase B B B The australian invasive database is more useful
Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council USA Florida B B B B B B B Rating has been made assuming Florida equates to southern EU
HYP3 France B B B C B C C B Datasheets are short but informative
Hyppa Europe B B B B C C C Restricted to french flora but useful for western Europe
HYPPZ France B B B limited to European pests so limited interest for PRA
ICZN worldwide B B Useful and official source but only up to date until 2000. Not easy to consult because only under pdf format
Index Nominum Genericorum database worldwide B B Useful but only at the genus level. The ING database is fairly current through 1990 and variable after.
Index Synonymique de la Flore de France France B A not up to date since 1999
Information on invasive alien plants; link to datasheets on invasive plants in FR, DE, IT Switzerland B B B B B B B B B Contains general data as well as regionally information restricted to Switzerland; due to language constraints only B;
Insects in Shanghai China (Shanghai
B B B B B B B Only in Chinese but useful mainly for Asian pests that occur only in Asia
International Collection of Micro–organisms from Plants, 'ICMP' worldwide B B B B List a lot of host/pest combinations
International Society for Plant Pathology Worldwide B B we rather use Eurzéby what is the added vale of this dataset?? Useful for taxonomy of plant pathogenic bacteria. I am unfamiliar with the number of websites there are on this subject though and not sure if such information is duplicated elsewhere
Invaders Database System B B you search this website when you know the species is present in the US from the USDA website.
Invasive Alien Plant Species of Virginia Virginia B A B A A A A provides infromation for a limited number of species, which could be contained in other databases)
Invasive Plants Database (Japan) Japan B B Constitutes a first step to further enquire in the countries mentionned in the database
Invasive Plants in ireland Ireland B B B No official phytosanitary information found. Useful precise distribution data for mapping. usefull when looking for data on a species present in Ireland
Invasive Species in British Columbia B B B Restricted to British Columbia but interesting for North America
LEDA Traitbase Europe B B
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, New Zealand New Zealand B C C A B
NAPIS: Pest Tracker North America B B B B B B B B contains links to useful sites and maps of detailed (county) distribution of pests in USA. B rating is due to ease of use and links to other sites
NeoFlora Germany B B B B useful when looking for data on one of the 32 invasive species listed
New Disease Reports worldwide B B B B B C C C perhaps rated A for pathogens?
New Zealand Plants New Zealand B B Useful precise distribution data for mapping. Present when the plant is present in New Zealand.
NISIC USA B B A A B B A A B B in some areas more national, some are international
North American Forest Commission Exotic Forest Pest Information System (NAFC-ExFor) North America B B B B B B B B B Quite well made and complete, but restricted to forest pests and diseases ina North American Perspective
Pest Fruit Flies of the World worldwide B B B B B B B much text per webpage - seems to be from text book? I couldn't access databases, but they may be available from a non CSL (Fera) pc
Plantas Invasoras em Portugal Portugal B A A A A A B Provides information on a few invasive alien plants in Portugal
Plant Disease Series Index USA B B Useful series of datasheets on fruit diseases.
Plant Trait Database in east and south east Asia  East and South
East Asia
B B B B B Not easily serchable (pdf document)
ProMed worldwide B B A B C C very up to date since all about emerging diseases. Has a section for plant pathogens (latest information on plant diseases) Has search facility but I couldn't work it.
Psyllids or "Jumping Plant Lice" B C C C List of Psyllids of economic importance is useful, but not a lot of detail on any one pest. List of host plants still under development, but again useful.
Texas Invasives USA Texas B A B B B B B Most probably included in dataset n°100 ( may be contained in other databases)
The National Agricultural Library B A Provides information on cultivated crops and markets. Refers to other already listed websites (USDA, GRIN, etc.)
Universal Chalcidoidea Database Worldwide B B B C Could be useful to find information on pest control agents
University of Minnesota Plant Information Online B A Useful to get information on ornamental plants produced in the USA or in Canada.
Unteractive Agricultural Ecological Atlas of Russia and Neighboring Countries (AgroAtlas) Russia and
B B B B B B B Info on species relatively basic, but good because describes also local pests. Also valuable climatice, soil and crop data.
USDA/APHIS/PPQ Manuals Unit North America B A A B A B B A A Not many pests included Depending on the pests the data on biology an be limited
Victoria's Noxious Weeds Review B A A A A A A B B useful when considering a plant for which an assessment has been performed
Weed Australia - An Australian Weeds Committee National Initiative Australia B B B B Helpfull to know whether a plant pest is regulated in Australia
Weeds and invasive plants in South Africa South Africa B A B A A A Useful precise distribution data for mapping. The database is slow, not easy to consult. useful when the plant is present in South Africa
ZDSF Switzerland B C C B C Detailed distribution and some info on ecology, habitat. But only Switzerland
ANIC Australia C C Some useful information, but limited range of pests with detailed factsheets
Antweb Worldwide C C Need to download google earth first. Visually very impressive. Think could get information on distribution elsewhere if required though
APHIS Ralegh Plant Protection Center North America C C not sure how well updated the site is when searching the noxious weed part the following message appreared The database has been temporarily disabled to allow for revisions. It is expected to be back on-line by December 10th, 1999. There is a list of pests regulated by USDA APHIS available. Measures that are required are not specified
APHIS Regulated Pest List (PPQ website) North America C C see note to 53. Measures that are required are not specified
Australian Insect Common Names Australia C C C Useful for information on distribution (by territory) of insects found in Australia, including exotic, but limited use for EU PRAs
Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service Australia C C C C
BDDOM french oversee
C C C Login and password needed. Speed of consultation very low. Only few geographical information
Biota Of North America Project (BONAP) C B B Not readily accessible except for a few taxa (acer spp.)
Bishop Museum/Molluscs USA Hawaii C C C Limited interest for PRA in a european plant health context Also has botany and entomology lists
Brazil invasive alien species database Brazil C U C C C C C C C fact sheets on invasive plants (and animals), not in English, partly in Spanish, many only in Portuguese; regional aspects, partly overlap with database, therefore C
California Exotic Pest Plant Council USA California C C C C C C has risk assessments on line (for pest plants)
Canary Government: Lista de Especies Silvestres de Canarias : Hongos, Plantas y Animales Terrestres, 2004 Canary Islands C C Available in bookstores and libraries as well as online Restricted zone (only Canarias)
Catalogue of the Lepidoptera of the French Antilles French Antilles C C
CFIA Plant Pest Information Canada C C C C
Checklist of Leafhopper species Worldwide C C C Does not contain any additional updates of species since checklist was first published. Is probably something of use for diagnosticians and for checking synonyms, but not widely useful
Common names of insects and related organisms worldwide C C Useful for finding and checking common names which may exist. Information may often be found elsewhere though on sites which give more additional pest information so limited application for PRA
Crop Knowledge Master Pacific Islands C C C C C C is currently being updated (but since 1996!!!!!!! and cross-referenced to the Pacific Islands Distance Diagnostics and Recommendation System. Databases are basic and overlap others
CSCF Switzerland C C Information on the presence of some groups in Switzerland. Limited interest
Dep. of Agriculture and Food - Western Australia Australia C C C C C C Not very straightforward why useful
Electronic Resources on Coleoptera worldwide C difficult to assing descriptors several links are broken the site. It is a website with links to oher sources easy to use (alphabetical by topic) acts as a gateway / portal to other more useful sites. Only relevant for PRAs on Coleoptera
Euro+Med Plantbase Europe med.
C C C Currently only contains data on Asteraceae. Limited value
Federal Office for the Environment FOEN Switzerland C C C List of alien organisms in Switzerland, with basic information. Overlap with DAISIE
GBIF worldwide C B link to SysTax - a Database System for Systematics and Taxonomy; focus on biodiversity; links to databases on systematic and taxonomy
GISIN worldwide C C C C not very useful as such, but a good example of tool. Although not working properly yet. Maybe keeping it for later?
GISP- Global Invasive Species Program Worldwide C no pseicifc information very general
Google Earth Worldwide C C Free download available from the link given DO not see the interest for this subtask apart if you are verifying locations Possibly useful for looking at outbreak sites and surrounding area for spread or pest risk management. Not obvious which sub-task or descriptors it would link to. Rated it as C due to narrowness of usefulness for PRA
Index of Pages of Butterflies and Moths of Australia Australia C C C Not sure how relevant this website is for PRA
Insect Parasitic Nematodes North America
C C C Very narrow information
International Survey of Herbicide Resistant Weeds worldwide C C as dataset name suggests this site has database showing weeds resistant to chemicals
Invasive and Exotic Species USA C C C C C mainly images; for invasive plants also some links with further information, therefore B within brackets
Invasive Species Emerging Issues C B C B B C C B B Information on biology limited and that can be found in more detail in other websites
Invasive Species Ireland Ireland C C C C C C C quite well done but concerns mainly Ireland
Invasive Species of the CSWGCIN Region Central South
West and Gulf
Coast USA
C C C C C C C C C C Very few species, some links are broken, not very informative, geographically restricted
IPPC worldwide C not sure that there is much information as for now Can be difficult to use / search. Not all countries notify pests
Lepindex worldwide C C Natural History Museum, London Useful for checking lepidoptera names and synonymns - is only global list. Based on Natural History Museum records. However site does not always work. Did not work properly while assessing it
Lithuanian Invasive Species Database Lithuania C C Only provides the presence of the species in Lithuania
Longhorn Beetles of the West Palaearctic Region West
C C C C C very specific
Luciddcentral Worldwide C C Isn't more for diagosticians Really good resource - but narrow in applicability to PRA
MapPlanet Worldwide C C For task 1.3 or for vérification of locations???Same comments as for Google Earth. Possibly useful for looking at outbreak sites and surrounding area for spread or pest risk management. Not obvious which sub-task or descriptors it would link to. Rated it as C due to narrowness of usefulness for PRA
Michigan State University Snail Laboratory North America
C C Limited interest for PRA in a european plant health context
Nemaplex worldwide C C Naematologists do not recommend it particularly
Pest and Disease List New Zealand New Zealand C C C page does not exist anymore However, other pages on site are still useful e.g. allows you to search for controlled / eradiacted and established pests in NZ
Phytoplasma Classification Database worldwide C C B B The number of data seems to be weak.
Secretariat of the Pacific Community Plant Protection Service Pacific region C C not easy to evaluate.No useful information found.
SINGER (System-wide Information Network for Genetic Resources) worldwide C C Commercial website
Soybean Disease Atlas C C C Only useful for Soyabeen
University of Florida Pest Alert USA Florida C C C C C C C links to other sites for detailed fact sheets
University of Florida Woodybug USA Florida C C Very simple recommendations for control not very specific
USDA Forest Service North America C difficult to give descriptors as very general website this is primarily for the general public. The website probably changes in response to news items
Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection Wisconsin C C C C C C C C C difficult to assign descriptors not sure very useful Has links to pest fatsheets and response plans to invasive / quarantine pests at a local (Wisconsin) level
World Information Network on Biodiversity (REMIB) worldwide C C Very few collections are indexed in this database in the field of plant health
Flora and vegetation of israel Israel U A Problem with the hebrew language program. The database does not return any data.
NPAG North America U allows restricted access to members of NPAG only