Dataset Management System - Pathways and economic datasets

name area overall
consumer interception loss
EPPO report on notifications of non-compliance, EPPO reporting service Europe A A A On EPPO website more information available (factsheets etc).
EUROPHYT Europe A A A There are different sections to EUROPHYT, which have to be applied to for access. EUROPHYT-CIRCA acts as a notice board for member states and has data on interceptions, technical and biologcal information reports on surveys and information on trade related issues, EUROPHYT-PHY manages the notifications of interceptions. There is also a report system - where reports already created can be consulted and new reports may be generated. Some data from other categories than those ticked may sometimes and for some countries and pests be available, e.g. I seem to recall seeing some data on costs of Diabrotica control - but it is not consistent.
EUROSTAT Europe A A A Quality will depend on individual states which supplies the data
FAOSTAT worldwide A B A A A Information on trade is difficult to find
GTAP 6.0 dataset world A A A A A Crop data may be at too high level of aggregation
NISIC USA A A A A A A A Also many links to other resources
Agreste France B B B C C English version gives no info; only the site in the native language
AIPH, International Statistics Flowers and Plants worldwide B B B B Good quality data for flowers and flower products
Applied Plant Research _WUR Netherlands B B A
BMVEL Germany B B C B B B
Bundesanstalt für Agrarwirtschaft (Federal Institute of Agricultural Economics) Austria B B B B Extended data available. Follow links: daten und fakten / green report. Search on the base of file titles
DEFRA Agricultural Census data UK B B
DEFRA Agricultural Census data UK B B
DEFRA Economics and Statistics UK B B B B
DEFRA Plant health UK B C B B Web link 1 & 2 are not working. Correct links are: . Data about pesticide usage is available.
Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Ireland B C C B B C
Dutch Product Board Horticulture Netherlands B B B Part of info could not be opended
Estonian Chamber of Agriculture and Commerce Estonia B C B B C
FADN EU B B B FADN contains data of a sample; not of the whole population; control costs concern crop protection costs at firm level
Federal Statistical Office Switzerland B B B B Consumption data are only available in french
Foreign Trade Statistics Finland B B
FPS Economy census data Belgium B B B B B
Instituto Nacional de Estadística (National Statistics Institute) Spain B B B
Link to the European airports Europe B B Only pathways by air transport
Link to the main European ports Europe B B website in Italian language
Ministry of economy, finance and employment France B C B Enables searches of, for example, country and heading-specific statistics accordant. "Conjonctore Régional", for example, provides regional foreign trade figures. Only in French.
National Agricultural Statistics Service USA B A A Good quality data, but no information on PRA area (EU)
National list of Recommended Varieties Czech Republic B B
National List of Varieties Czech Republic B B
National Statistics UK B B C C
Plant Protections Service of the Netherlands Netherlands B A Fishing in the same see
Polish Central Statistic Office Poland B U C B B C
PPQ Plant Protection and Management Programs USA B A A A A A A Information restricted to the USA
Spanish Council of Commerce Chambers Spain B B
Statistical Office of Estonia Estonia B B B C
Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic Slovak Republic B B B
Statistical yearbook Slovenia B B B C DB available in English and slovanian
Statistics Denmark Denmark B C B B B
Statistics Finland Finland B C C B B C
Statistics Lithuania Lithuania B B Suitable for the main agricultural products on local level
Statistik Austria Austria B B B B In English
Statistische Ämter des Bundes und der Länder (Federal Statistical Office and statistical offices of the Länder), Landwirtschaft – Ernte (Agriculture – Harvest) Germany B C C B B B includes a complete English translation
Swiss Statistics - Agriculture Switzerland B B
The Swedish Board of Agriculture: Jordbruksverket Sweden B C B B B DB in English and Swedish
Yearbooks of Czech Statistical Office Czech Republic B B Two internet adresses: regional and national
“Zpravodaj ochrany lesa” (Bulletin of Forest Protection) Czech Republic B B B C
AGES Austria C C Only some data on availability of seed for biological production is provided. German Language
Agrarmarkt Austria (AMA) Austria C Only limited import data for fruit and vegetables. German language
Association for Technology and Structures in Agriculture (KTBL) Germany C B C C
Banana and Plantain Section of Biodiversity International World C C C C Only information of experts and literature on bananas
BMFLUW, Bundesministerium für Land- und Forstwirtschaft, Umwelt und Wasserwirtschaft (Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management) Austria C B B B Makes use of source number 6
BMFLUW, Bundesministerium für Land- und Forstwirtschaft, Umwelt und Wasserwirtschaft (Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management) Austria C C Only very global export data
Bundesamt für Wald (Federal Forest Office) Austria C C C Few data
CBS- Statline Netherlands C C C
Central Agricultural Office, Directorate of Plant Protection, Soil Conservation and Agri-environment Hungary C U B C C language
Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK) Finland C U B C
Cyprus Department of Agriculture Cyprus C U C B C
Czech Statistical Office Czech Republic C C B B C
Department Agriculture and Fisheries – Regional Ministry of Agriculture Belgium
C C C In Dutch
Directorate General Agriculture – Regional Ministry of Agriculture Belgium
C C C C C In French
FASFC Belgium C C Only Dutch or French; focussing on legislation
Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection Germany C C B C
Forest Management Institute (FMI) Czech Republic C C C
FPS Economy Belgium C B Only Dutch or French; census data
FVO - Food and Veterinary Office worldwide C C C Reports are available on procedures, but no real data
General Secretariat of National Statistical Service of Greece Greece C B B C
Hellenic Statistical Authority Greece C C B C C
Hungarian Central Statistical Office Hungary C B C maybe the hungarian version provides more info
INSEE France C C C C C high aggregation level
Landwirtschaftskammer Österreich Austria C B B Only German language
Latvijas Statistika Latvia C C C C rather aggregated level
LEI statistics Netherlands C C C
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Hungary C B
Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic Czech Republic C C C
National Bank of Belgium Belgium C B
National Statistical Institute Bulgaria C C C high level of aggregation
NSO - National Statistics Office (Maltese) Malta C C C
OAGMAX Worldwide C C Data on intensity of flights between countries
Points of Entry to Czech Republic Czech Republic C U
Reinhardt, Frank ; Herle, Markus ; Bastiansen, Finn ; Streit, Bruno 2003: Economic impact of the spread of alien species in Germany Germany C C C report on ecomic spread of 20 alien species in Germany
Service des Nouvelles et des Marchés France C B C C
SPPS Lithuania C U U C C
STATISTICAL SERVICES: Agricultural statistics Cyprus C C B B
Statistics Denmark: Focus on Agriculture Denmark C C C C Data cover only few products
Statistisches Bundesamt Deutschland Germany C C C difficult to find relevante data
Swiss-Impex, Federal Finance Department Switzerland C C
Tike (the Information Centre of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry) Finland C C Data only available at a highly aggregated level
Umweltbundesamt Austria C B B
UN COMTRADE: United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database Worldwide (over
140 countries)
C B B Insufficient level of detail on commodities
World Trade Organization worldwide C C Information on agreements
Metsätieteen aikakauskirjan Metsävarat-osasto Finland u U U U U U U U U Only Finnish language
Agricultural Farm Testing System (AKI) Hungary U U U U U U U U U language
Agricultural Institute of Slovenia Slovenia U U U U U U U U U Web site is in English but excel data sheet in Slovenian
Central Controlling and Testing Institute in Agriculture of Slovak Republic Slovak Republic U language
Databases of Institute of Agricultural Economics and Information Czech Republic U U U U U U U U U
ESTACOM Spain U U U U U U U U U Data in Spanish
Forestry areas in Hungary, 2006 Hungary U U U U U U U U U language
FruitVeB Hungarian Fruit and Vegetable Board Hungary U U U U U U U U U language
Hungarian Association of Producers of Planting Materials Hungary U U U U U U U U U language
Hungarian Potato Board Hungary U U U U U U U U U language
“Specialni fytotechnika” (can be translated as “Crop production”) Czech Republic U U
Statistics/ Ministry of Agriculture ,Fisheries and Food Spain U U U U U U U U U Index information is in English, however data description is in Spanish
Statistics Sweden Sweden U U U U U
Swiss-Impex, Federal Finance Department Switzerland U U U U U U U U U Available in French, German and italian