Dataset Management System - Area under consideration for the PRA

name area overall
distrib h
distrib c
habitat climatic soil abiotic competitors remarks
10 and 30 year Global plant hardiness zones worldwide A A Good quality and widely applicable.
AFOLU DATA: Portal for European Terrestrial Modelling (DP-ETEM) Europe (with
some wider
Agricultural land use maps Europe A A A
Agroscope Changins-Wädenswil ACW Switzerland A A List of the quarantine species in Switzerland, with regularly updated maps and links to related sites
British Atmospheric Data Centre Britain some
A A Much of the data can only be freely used for academic rather than commercial puposes
Bundesamt fur Umwelt BAFU / Federal Office for the Environment FOEN Switzerland A A C C Commented check list of alien species of Switzerland, in English. This is a book on sale and available as pdf at the web site indicated.
CORINE land cover Europe (not
A B B A The CORINE land cover maps provide information on the distribution of some hosts (olives, vines) and husbandry (irrigation etc)
Crop Protection Compendium worldwide A A A A C C A Very useful site for data on distribution and host ranges, though note should always be taken of references, errors do occur. Very interested in new areas being developed.
CRU (Climate Research Unit) CL 2.0 worldwide A A A de facto standard dataset for climatic analysis
DEFRA Pests and Diseases UK A A Website is still being developed after Fera launch and some details available on old DEFRA link not present. Easier to use though
Digital map of european ecological regions Europe A A Downloadable landcover and ecological zone data for Europe
EPPO Pest Alerts Europe A A Important dataset
EPPO Plant Protection Tesaurus (EPPT) Europe A A Useful for taxonomy - and provides quick link to EPPO RS entries. Not really much help with natural enemies, except on taxonomy
A A Free to download from EPPO website. Not been updated recently. Most recent version is 4.6 and was produced December 2007. Data on quarantine listed pests useful, particularly as it includes pests listed in regions other than EPPO. Some other sections, suc
EUFORGEN: European Forest Genetic Resources Programme Europe A A Distribution maps of several forest tree species, available as jpg or shapefiles for GIS
European Distributed Institute of Taxonomy (EDIT) Geoplatform Europe A A A A A
European Forest Institute (efi) - mapping services Europe A A A
European Soil Data Center (ESDAC) Europe
A B B A A Contains data on land use, crops, topography etc as well as soils. Needs more study to see how it can be used. Possible to map soil pH?
Fauna Europaea Europe A A Good database, unfortunately some species are missing.
Flora Europaea Europe A A A Details on taxonomy of European Flora also distributions. Not much more detail than this though
Forestry Compendium worldwide A A A A C C A Very useful site for data on distribution and host ranges, though note should always be taken of references, errors do occur.
Hyppa - Hypermedia for Plant Protection - Weeds Western Europe A A A B B This valuable database give a lot of information valid for all Western Europe and useful for short PRA's. For complete PRA's, additional bibliographical research and data are required.
Interactive Agricultural Ecological Atlas of Russia nad Neighboring countries The territory
of former USSR
A A A A B A B Data about main pests, disaeses and weeds in the main crops are available and maps are easy to use. Most of the texts are available in English
IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) worldwide A A Provide access to the Climate Research Unit (CRU) high resolution climate data which are essential for bio climatic modelling. These data will be supplied through the project PRATIQUE (WP3). Not usable by non-specialist because data conversion is needed (
North european and Baltic network on Invasive Alien Species (Nobanis) Northern Europe A A List of alien species and related information for Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Faroe Islands, Germany, Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden and the European part of Russia
Pan-European Land Cover Map 1 km Europe A A A A Pan-European Landscape Database at a scale of 1:2M. Available as a download for Google Earth or for ESRI uses
Plantwise Worldwide A A B B B B Provides distribution maps of pests and hosts, with the possibility to add climatic, land use and soil layers, but at global scale rather than European scale. Still under development.
SRTM 90m Digital Elevation Data worldwide A A The SRTM digital elevation data, produced by NASA originally, is a major breakthrough in digital mapping of the world, and provides a major advance in the accessibility of high quality elevation data for large portions of the tropics and other areas of th
US National Climatic Data Centre daily weather data worldwide A A The best source of daily weather data but access restricted by WMO rules
Worldclim worldwide A A Can be used as met dat for climate modelling
Africa plant hardiness zone map Africa B B Map representing the African climate zones based on average coldest temperature in winter (over which period?). Quite narrow in usefulness. Covered by 108.
Agency for Nature Conservation and landscape protection of the Czech Republic Czech Republic B A A
AGES Austria B B Plant health data:
AIR (Agri-environmental Monitoring and Information System) GIS database Hungary B B B Not free access. Password is needed to connect to the website. Ask for it in e-mail to:
ALARM eu 50 x 50 km surface area and elevation data Europe B B B European elevation data plus present and future plant distribution
Anthos Spain B B B Excellent list and distribution map of plant species in Spain, available in English, regularly updated
Applied Plant Research_WUR Netherlands B
Atlas of the Aphids of Finland Finland B B Checklist of aphids. The website provides a distribution map for each species
Australia plant hardiness zone map Australia B B Map of hardiness zones (based on the average of annual lowest temperature) in Autralia. Quite narrow in usefulness. Covered by 108.
BDAT France B B
Biological Records Centre Britain and
B B UK only
BMFLUW, Bundesministerium für Land- und Forstwirtschaft, Umwelt und Wasserwirtschaft (Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management) Austria B B B B B Detailed resolution concerning soil data, limited resolution concerning habitat and host distribution and some climatic data
BSBI Atlas - Botanical Society of the British Isles Britain B B B Useful data on distribution of vascular plants in Britain. Also has some really useful links to sites in other European countries. Send lot of data to NBN, but still useful if want to separate data out by survey period
Bulgarian climatic data sheets Bulgaria B B Data are not free available on-line and not very easy to be systemitized
Bulgarian Inquiry for Monitoring of the Agricultural and Economical Conjuncture (BIMAEC) Bulgaria B B B Data are free available on-line but in Bulgarian and this Bulletin and several others are translated in English and are available on request in PPI. Most of the data are quite general.
Bundesamt für Wald (Federal Forest Office) Austria B B Relevant concerning information on pest occurrence in forests in Austria (see:
CEH Land Cover 2000 Britain B C C B C UK only, data is expensive to obtain. Data is from 1998.
Checklist of Latvian Coleoptera Latvia B B Useful checklist, but specific to Latvia so use for PRA limited
China plant hardiness zone map China B B Map of hardiness zones in China. Quite narrow in usefulness. Covered by 108.
CK-map Italy B B B Distribution of a high number of animal species in Italy, easily accessible, updated 2004
Climatic data in Germany - general Germany B B URLs possibly too detailed. Enough to use only, from where navigation is easy. Many details. Germany only. English language version available.
Coherence of Agricultural Statistics and Current Land-Use Data in Germany Germany B B B Good information. Germany only.
Czech Aphid Bulletin (online) Czech Republic B A
Czech National Phytosociological Database Czech Republic B A A C
DEFRA Agricultural Census data UK B B B UK data on crop types and land use at various levels and for various years. Not the most user friendly website ever - and some of the data does take some searching through lots of levels of links. Bit confusing too as most recent data can vary a great dea
DEFRA Pesticide Usage Survey Reports UK B C C More useful for descriptors in other tasks. Does contain some useful data on crop management and varieties grown - more detail may be available on request from the survey team. Also has data on crop areas and regional land use, but this is more detailed f
Den virtuella floran Scandinavia B B B Checklist and maps of the Scandinavian flora. Available in Swedish only.
Digital elevation model of Europe Europe B B B B B An important dataset for, e.g. interpolating climatic data, and analysing endangered areas in topographically complex regions
Digital elevation model of the world worldwide B B Worldwide altitude data, downloadable as 27 tiles. Data does not appear to be in a format that can directly be imported into ESRI or Google Earth.
Digital model of relief (topography) of Czech Republic Czech Republic B A
DIPTERISTS FORUM British Isles B B Excellent data if need to know presence in British Isles - but only useful for this
Directorate General Agriculture – Regional Ministry of Agriculture Belgium
B A Provides data on crop production and markets
Distributional atlas of Czech butterflies Czech Republic B A
Environmental Change Network at Rothamsted UK B B Data must be applied for and is only free for academic purposes
Euro+Med Plantbase Europe med.
B B Maps are at a crude scale -country level
European Climate data Europe B B
European Environment Agency Europe B B B Difficult to relate to host range but may be helpful for identifying areas with similar environmental impacts
Fauna d'Italia Italy B B B Checklist on-line of 54,000 species of the Italian fauna, the correct address is In English, books in Italian
Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources Germany B B Similar to No 158, but more detail.
FLODOK – Floristic records of the Czech Republic Czech Republic B B A
Flora Web Germany B A A C C C Good quality, but Germany only
Forest Reaserch Institute Hungary B B B B B All documents in Hungarian. Data highly reliable, scoring refers to the fact that more focused with respect to region
Forestry areas in Hungary, 2006 Hungary B A B B A B A Data are free available on-line but most of maps and figures are hard to be usable because it is imposible to use on-line translation from Hungarian
Forestry Commission Britain B B UK only.
Fungal Records database of Britain and Ireland. British Mycology Society and CABI Great Britain
and Ireland
B B Includes checklist of British species, database of records in Britain and Ireland and distribution maps. Limited to Britain and Ireland
Geological map of Czech Republic Czech Republic B A C Just a demo site, need to buy the Climate Atlas
GISD /ISSG worldwide B B C
GIS pedoclimatico d'Italia Italy B B B B Available in English
HYDRO1k Elevation Derivative Database worldwide B B Downloadable shapefile of draingage databases across Europe
HYP3 France B B useful basic information on a wide range of pests important for Europe; the 3 Hyp sites are under revision: information will be updated, completed, and built in the form of a database
HYPPZ Western Europe B B Some information can be useful (eg. host plant) but in general, this dataset is quite limited and uncomplete. Mostly appropriate to identify a pest. Additional comment: useful basic information on a wide range of pests important for Europe; the 3 Hyp site
IFEN France B B B B
Index Synonymique de la Flore de France France B B Provides synonymes for plants that be hosts or invasive alien plants
Information on invasive alien plants Switzerland B A
Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research in Karlsruhe Germany B B
Invasive Species Compendium worldwide B B C C C
ISTAT Italy B B B Regularly updated census done by the National Institute of Statistics, available only in Italian
JRC-CGMS MARS 50 KM grids EU B B This data would be invaluable if it could be accessed, but at the moment it is not freely available.
Kasviatlas Finland B A A A Good quality, but Finland only
Landscape Ecological Vegetation Mapping of Hungary (MÉTA) Hungary B B B Data are highly reliable, scoring refers to the fact that more focused with respect to region
Latvian University Latvia B B B B
List of pests of Czech Republic Czech Republic B A
Lithuanian Invasive Species Database Lithuania B A List of invasive species (not only plants) with reference list. Good quailty, but Lithuanian only
Map of hydrological division of Poland Poland B B
Map of temporarily and permanently abandoned lands -based on orthographic images Bulgaria B A Data are not free available on-line and could be accecable on request (PPI). Good quality, but specific to Bulgaria
Meteorological and climatic data from Poland Poland B B
Monitoring of moth pests by light traps in CZ Czech Republic B A including information on other pests species
Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle (MNHN : Projet d’Inventaire National du Patrimoine Naturel (INPN)) France [all
B B Limited information about the distribution of pest spp.
National Biodiversity Network Britain B B B B B B Brings together data on 40 million British biodiversity records from a wide range of organisations and can look at species distribution, species data for a site or geographic area and habitat or other site related data. Some data more detailed than others
National Soil Resources Institute UK B B UK only. Detailed soil maps to view online or download for GIS.
National Spatial Data Infrastructure (KIIP) Poland B B
NeoFlora Germany B B B Covers only plants as pests. In German. +/- regular updates, comprehensive info.
North America plant hardiness zone map North America B B Map of hardiness zones in North America and by state. Quite narrow in usefulness. Covered by 108.
Pest Distribution Maps - State Phytosanitary Organization of the Czech Republic Czech Republic B B A
Phytosanitary Administration of the Republic of Slovenia - PARS Slovenia B B B B C General information about alien and quarantine species in Slovenia, available in English
Plantas Invasoras em Portugal Portugal B A B Provides information on a few invasive alien plants.
Plant Health Information Warehouse UK B B Useful detail on UK interceptions, PRAs, outbreaks, action taken, regulation (which comes under other descriptors) and some background on pest - which is more widely useful than to the UK. Currently being reviewed for improvement. Internal access only, th
Plant Protections Service of the Netherlands Netherlands B B Official website of the Plant Protection Service of the Netherlands. It provides PRA for the Netherlands
Polish Central Statistic Office Poland B B
Polish Geological Institute Poland B B
Polish Soil Map - Insitute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation (IUNG) Poland B B
Rothamsted Insect Survey Britain and
B B UK only, but data may be more widely applicable across Europe. Need to apply to have access to database.
Soil Map Belgium
Sophy France B B B B Provide distribution and climatic data for plant species which are indigenous for the huge majority of them.
Species encyclopedia, distribution in Europe or in Latvia. Made by different authors Latvia and
B B B Most for wild spesies
SPPS Lithuania B B B B Schematic maps of pest and crop distribution during vegetation seasons
State Plant Protection Service of Latvia Latvia B A A No maps and all info in Latvinian
STATISTICAL SERVICES: Agricultural statistics Cyprus B A Some of data free on line, some of publications -paid. Good quality, but specific to Cyprus
Statistical yearbook Slovenia B B B Regularly updated census done by the National Institute of Statistics, available in English
Strategy for sustainable land use in Hungary (thesis) Hungary B A A B B B Data are free available on-line but most of maps and figures are hard to be use because it is imposible totranslate on-line from Hungarian. Maps are with very good quality
Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research Switzerland B B Cartography of the wild flora by Swiss botanists. Data are complementary to those of ZDSF. Links between the two databases are not clear because distribution maps for the same species are very different (see Poa pratensis for example) !
Swiss Statistics - Agriculture Switzerland B B B A lot of tables on agriculture and forestry in Switzerland. Statistics are often too general for a PRA use and maps are not available. Partially overlap with more general datasets but could be useful for regional PRA's.
Systeme d'Informations sur la Biodiversite en Wallonie Belgium
B A Detailled distribution of plants, including invasive alien plants present in BE.
Tela-Botanica France B B B Provides distribution in France of plant species that can be hosts (non crop naturalized), or invasive alien plants.
The Climate Atlas of the Czech Republic Czech Republic B A
The Coleopterist British Isles B B Excellent data if need to know presence in British Isles - but only useful for this
The USGS (U.S. Geological Survey) Land Cover Institute worldwide B B B B B Global land cover data is mainly a portal with a large collection of regional or national links on earth observation and land use (some are out of date or not accessible, very few are widely applicable to the whole PRA area). Of course, it is not possible
UK Climate and Weather Statistics (MET Office) UK B B Mean 1971-2000 data for numerous sites around the UK. Yearly monthly average data is also available for several stations around the UK, but is stored as text files. Somre more detailed data is available for academic purposes.
UKMoths Britain and
B B Excellent data if need to know presence and basic guide to distribution in UK - but only useful for this
Ukraine plant hardiness zone map Ukraine B B Map of hardiness zones in Ukraine. Quite narrow in usefulness. Covered by 108.
Umweltbundesamt Austria B B B B B B GIS-maps about: water, nature, air, landcover at: Info. on Neobiota (e.g. Austrian Action Plan on Invasive Alien Species) at:
US southeast flora atlas USA southeast B B B Checklist and maps of the SE USA flora
Vogelwarte Sempach Switzerland B B Excellent catalogue of Swiss birds with plenty of information about distribution and biology. In English, French, German
Weather Underground Worldwide B B Useful data, but is time consuming to extract (one month of data at a time)
World Meteorological Organization (WMO) worldwide B B Provides links to national
World wide meteorological links Woldwide B B Some worldwide climatological data sets are available through the Climate Data Centre, but this appears to be still under development. National climatic data for Germany is available.
ZAMG - Klima Austria B B Climate data can be retrieved under:
ZDSF Switzerland B B Collect and cartography of the wild flora of Switzerland. Cultivated crops are not included. Easy to use. Quality of data in not known but everybody can supply observations, so that maps must be used with caution.
ADAS UK C Guidance for growers. Need to subscribe to see detailed publications. Old ADAS publications very useful - but unable to acces this site and possibly could get information elsewhere
Alien Species in Poland Poland C C Provides the distribution and infromation on status for invasive alien plants.
An inventory of tree species in Europe Europe parts
of Africa and
parts of Asia
C C Partial distribution maps of forest trees, countries often missing. When given, data are more precise than the previous map (% of cover)
ArcGIS online data for the World worldwide C C Very general political, topographic, geographical maps of the world and USA that can be loaded in ArcGIS. The same datasets come with the ArcGIS software but are often more detailed.
Atlas of the Biosphere Worldwide C C This is a north american website (not French). Quality of datasets is not mentionned. Origin of data is unknown. Resolution of maps seems to be low (but suffisant for a study at a world level). Data are downloadable but the same information is probably av
Belgian Forum on Invasive Species Belgium C C nice website, but no plant pest dans disease organisms (insects, fungi) so far (except Harmonia axyridis). Quite a long list of invasive plants though
Biogeographical regions, Europe 2008 Europe (not
ex Yugoslavia
C C C Very general but could be used to help define ranges qualitatively
BiolFlor Germany C Info on plant traits
BMFLUW, Bundesministerium für Land- und Forstwirtschaft, Umwelt und Wasserwirtschaft (Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management) Austria C data on e.g. pesticides allowed in integrated production systems. General data on production area, trade may be retrieved.
Bodennutzung der Betriebe (Land use of farmers/growers). Agrarstrukturerhebung 2007, Fachserie 3, Reihe 2.1.2 - 2007 Germany C C C C rather coarse Statistics
British Bugs UK C C Can be useful, but not a checklist, even just for UK, so use for PRA limited
British Leafminers Great Britain C C C C Useful searchable site by species and host plant. Have begun to include European leafminers. Distribution maps link to host distribution BSBI (see below) and NBN (see below), so there is some crossover. Detail limited to Great Britain.
British Plant Gall Society Britain C C Includes checklist of British gall causing species - but of limited usefulness
BWARS - Bees, Wasps and Ants Recording Society Britain and
C C C Good if need to know presence and distribution in UK - but only useful for this and does overlap with NBN
Canary Government: Lista de Especies Silvestres de Canarias : Hongos, Plantas y Animales Terrestres, 2004 Canary Islands C C Only in Spanish
Centre Régional de Phytosociologie. Agréé Conservatoire Botanique National de Bailleul France
C C B Provides distribution of plants (hosts or invasive ones) for the Baileul area.
Checklist of Finnish Lepidoptera Finland C C List of lepidopteran species and distribution in the Finnish provinces
Climate Atlas of Poland Poland C C
Climatological Reports Belgium C C Very limited and general ressources (only for Belgium). No data usable with GIS. Not or of little interest for PRA assessors.
Conservatoire Botanique de Franche-Comté France
C C B Provides distribution of plants (hosts or invasive ones) in France Comté.
Conservatoire Botanique National de Gap-Charance France C C B B Provides distribution of plants (hosts or invasive ones) and habitats for the French Alpine area.
Conservatoire Botanique national du Bassin parisien France
C C B Provides distribution of plants (hosts or invasive ones) for the Parisian Basin.
CSCF Switzerland C B B Checklist of the Swiss fauna, no precise distribution data. Available in French, German, Italian
Cyprus Department of Agriculture Cyprus C C C C B C There is only one report of Agricultural department in English. All other information is in Greek and is very hard to be used because it is impossible to use on-line translation with those files
Database of Alien Plants in Ireland Ireland C C Some useful information, especially regarding distribution in Ireland. Extra info links through to Global Invasive Species database though, so there is some overlap.
European Environmental Stratification Europe C C This project involves the development of a system for collecing biodiversity data. No outputs are available yet.
Europe Plant Hardiness Zone Map Europe C C Low quality map. Covered by 108.
FAOClim Worldwide C C
FASFC= Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain Belgium C C sparse information on a few quarantine organisms
Finnish meteorological institute Finland C C Just provides summaries of the climatic situation. Actual data have to be purchased
FITFOREST VENETO Italy C C C Website which provides information about forest pest at the regional scale (only in Italian)
Flora Databank Belgium
Floraine France
C C B Provides distribution of plants (hosts or invasive ones) in Lorraine.
GEM - Global Environment Monitoring worldwide C C a portal providing access to a variety of global environmental datasets, few are specifically relervant to the EU
GENTIANA Société botanique dauphinoise D.Villars France
C C B Provides distribution of plants (hosts or invasive ones) in Isère.
Geological Information and Publications of the Geological Survey of Finland Finland C C soils maps available but general EU soil map will show more consistency
Geoportail France C C
German fauna Germany C C C Spp. Numbers for orders/family ies for all animals in Germany. Useful?
Gesellschaft zur Erforschung der Flora Deutschlands Germany C Good signpost (links)
Global Bioclimatic Belts worldwide C C provides bioclimatic classifications and climatic data summaries but not clear whether these are consistent with other more recognised datasets
Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) World C C C C Very variable results - scoring here is based on Task leaders overview of results
Global Landcover Facility worldwide C C According to the website, these layers are provided for personal use only. Impossible to download data (tested 2009-06-08). Land Cover Classification is too general to be really useful (and is available elsewhere). FTP server is not easy to use. Maps take
HGCA Crop Monitor England C C Some data on arable crop pests - not invasive pests, though may be some data of use on vectors. Some limited ideas on treatments. Not really that useful for PRA though and what data does have can probably find elsewhere
Hyönteistietokanta Finland C C Only in Finnish
Inscrire une variété France C B Provides the catalogue of agricole varities registered in France.
Invasive Species Compendium worldwide C A C C C
Iona GlobCover: Global land Cover 300 m resolution worldwide C C C The GlobCover products are written in the Hierarchal Data Format (HDF) which is not readily usable by standard free GIS software like DIVA GIS and a specific software must be used. Maps are not very useful for PRA assessors (for example surface reflectanc
Isatis 31 (botanical society) France
C C B Provides distribution of plants (hosts or invasive ones) in Haute Garonne, and infromation on their status.
Julius Kühn Institute Germany C C Information on Ambrosia artemisiifolia. Ongoing monitoring. Many gaps, but better data currently not available.
Land cover in Switzerland Switzerland C C C Collection of maps of Switzerland. Some maps at the EU level, but with low resolution and agriculture ressources are poor.
Land cover map for Slovenia Slovenia C C Collects similar data to Corine. Better to use Corine for consistency with other countries
Land use maps for Switzerland Switzerland C C C Include in the previous link
Land use – Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food of MAFF Slovenia C B B B Available in Slovenian
Landwirtschaftliche Bodennutzung (Agricultural land use)- Baumobstflächen (fruit tree areas) Fachserie 3 Reihe 3.1.4 - 2007 Germany C C C C Similar to No 154
Latvian Environment, Geology, and Meteorology Agency " (LEGMA Latvia C C Limited resources including weather data, climatic data and environment maps. Website difficult to use because mainly in latvian.
Latvian Geospatial Information agency Latvia C C Classical (but high resolution) maps restricted to Latvia. Only useful for latvian PRA's and lack of agricultural maps. No GIS exportations possible.
Latvian State Forest Research Institute "Silava" Latvia C Information on scientific projects only
Latvian State Forest Service Latvia C C
Latvian vascular flora inventory. Made by scientists Latvia C B B B
LocClim Worldwide C C
Map of soil types in Germany Germany C B soil map 1:1,000,000; same info can be found in C2
Map on organic matter in upper soil layers in Germany Germany C B soil map 1:1,000,000; same info can be found in C2
Meteo Suisse Switzerland C C Limited ressources on the Swiss climate without any data that could be imported in a GIS.
National Biodiversity Network's Species Dictionary UK C C Actual presence and absence data varies in reliability depending on the quailty of recording. Useful for taxonomy - but may include interceptions as presence so needs to be taken with some caution and perhaps in conjunction with other sources. Access curr
Natural England UK C C Maps showing location of sites of special scientific interest and nature reserves in the UK
Neuhauslova et al. (2001) Map of Potential Natural Vegetation of the Czech Republic, Braun-Blanquetia , Camerino, 30: 1-77. Czech Republic C A C C
New York Flora Atlas  New York USA C C Website sometimes difficult to access. Data seems to overlap with USDA plant database
NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration worldwide C C difficult to see an application in PRA
Pameseb Belgium C C "Non official" hourly, daily, decadal or monthly agrometeorological data, but can only be obtained under certain conditions not mentionned by the website. Seems to be of limited interest because concern only Belgium with a limited number of weather statio
Phytosanitary service of Campania region Italy C C C Official website of the Phytosanitary Service of Campania (region in south Italy) (only in Italian)
Phytosanitary service of Emilia Romagna region Italy C C C Official website of the Phytosanitary Service of Campania (region in south Italy) (only in Italian)
Phytosanitary service of Lazio region Italy C C C Official website of the Phytosanitary Service of Campania (region in south Italy) (only in Italian)
Phytosanitary service of Lombardia region Italy C C C Official website of the Phytosanitary Service of Lombardia (region in N Italy) (only in Italian)
Phytosanitary service of Piemonte region Italy C C C Official website of the Phytosanitary Service of Piemonte (region in NW Italy)
Phytosanitary service of Veneto region Italy C C C Official website of the Phytosanitary Service of Veneto (region in NE Italy)
Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) Germany C C Detailed weather/climate info for one station only.
Regional GIS data Italy C C C C Difficult to obtain, local contacts required
Research Station for Fruit Belgium
C c C information not direct available; it concerns a warningsystem for generally occuring pests and diseases in fruit and links to research results
Resources for Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, Systematics, and Conservation Biology worldwide C C Website not focused on pests
Soil map of Switzerland Switzerland C C Information already available in the website of the European Soil Data Center
South America plant hardiness zone map South America C C Low quality map. Covered by 108.
State Land Service of Latvia Latvia C C Site is under construction. Very few, and general information about Latvia. Can't be considered as useful for PRA's, apart for latvian PRA's
Swisstopo Switzerland C C Compilation of commercial maps of Switzerland. No free ressources. Not useful because of the limited area covered and information already available elsewhere.
The Agroclimate Model of Poland (databases for map creation) Poland C C
The Agroclimate Model of Poland (Internet version) Poland C C
Tuhoojatietokanta Finland C C Only in Finnish
Turkey/Black Sea region plant hardiness zone map Turkey/Black
C C Low quality map. Covered by 108.
UNEP Geodata Portal worldwide C C C C C C A useful collection of environmental datasets for the globe with some specifically for Europe but mainly of low resolution or out of date, e.g. soils
UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) worldwide C C Some limited resources with soil maps at low resolution and a lot of them without possibilities to download grid files.
Wild Plants of Malta Malta C C Not really that informative - Basically a list of plants. Not sure if would be really useful for PRA unless Malta in specific danger from a pest.
Yearbooks of Czech Statistical Office Czech Republic C C C
ZABAGED – basic geographic data of Czech Republic Czech Republic C C C
Atlas Florae Europaeae Europe U Distribution of vascular plants in Europe - complementary maps with taxonomic notes of species for the published Flora Europaea. Looks really as if would be useful, but have had problems downloading the free software to view the maps
LEDA Traitbase North-west
U U U U U U U U U Registration is needed in order to use the LEDA Traitbase. But once registered, impossible to connect to the website ("Access to the requested resource has been denied"). Evaluation not realized.
Research Station for Ornamentals Belgium
U information on expected presence of diseases in ornamental production (=warnings) requires a membership, so restricted access and very restricted info
Research Station for Potatoes Belgium
U research institute for potato farming; membership required to enter the information provided
Soil Map of Belgium Belgium
U U U U U U U U U Need to contact a person to get the map, not readily available on line.