EPPO Databases


EPPO Global Database (Online and Desktop version replacing PQR)

EPPO Global Database has the objective to gather all pest-specific information that has been produced or compiled by EPPO. It currently contains scientific and common names for plants and pests, as well as their associated computer codes (EPPO codes), EPPO datasheets, EPPO Standards (except PP1 Standards see below), EPPO Reporting Service articles, geographical distributions, host plant lists and pictures. The EPPO Global Database is a web-based database but an offline version (EPPO Global Database Desktop) was launched in July 2018 to replace PQR.


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EPPO Codes

In all its databases and IT systems, EPPO uses a harmonized coding system for plant and pest names. These computer codes were initially developed by Bayer in the 1970s but are now maintained and developped by the EPPO Secretariat. All EPPO codes can be consulted via the EPPO Global Database. They can also be freely downloaded via a dedicated platform for incorporation into other IT systems.


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EPPO Platform on PRAs

This online platform aims to share information on activities that are related to the evaluation of pest risk in the EPPO region. It includes Pest Risk Analyses (PRAs) produced by EPPO, EFSA, NPPOs or other related agencies from EPPO countries (e.g. Express PRAs, quick scans, interception PRAs, commodity PRAs). These PRAs cover a wide range of pests. Part of the platform is restricted to registered users, so that they can also share draft PRAs or plans for future PRAs. The EPPO Platform on PRAs was released in September 2018.


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EPPO Platform on Communication Material

This online platform is addressed to NPPOs of EPPO member countries. Its objective is to share material (e.g. posters, videos, flyers, pictures) that has been prepared during communication campaigns on plant health and get inspiration for future campaigns. The EPPO Secretariat would like to encourage NPPOs of all its member countries to participate in this platform, as communication is playing a key role in plant health. The EPPO Platform on Communication Material was released in August 2022.


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EPPO-Q-bank is a database to support diagnostic activities on plant pests which was transferred to EPPO and officially launched in May 2019. The primary aim of EPPO-Q-bank is to host sequence data for a number of pests, as well as to provide information on biological material, in particular from where this material can be obtained. Information is provided per discipline (arthropods, bacteria, fungi, nematodes, phytoplasmas, viruses & viroids, and invasive plants).


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EPPO Database on Diagnostic Expertise

This online database provides useful data on diagnostic laboratories of the EPPO member countries. Experts from more than 100 diagnostic laboratories of the EPPO region have provided details about the pests they can diagnose and the methods they use. EPPO member countries are encouraged to continue to provide data on their laboratories and expertise. Validation data for diagnostic tests is also included in this website. The database was redesigned in 2020.


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EPPO Database on PP1 Standards – Efficacy evaluation of PPPs

The whole series of EPPO Standards PP1 Efficacy Evaluation of Plant Protection Products is now included in a web-based database (and no longer published as paper brochures). All general standards can be accessed free of charge. Access to specific standards is provided for an annual fee (subscriptions can be made online via the database). A new interface was released in January 2018.


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EPPO Database on Resistance Cases 

The EPPO Database on Resistance Cases is a database containing information on the development of resistance of pests to Plant Protection Products in the EPPO region. The database aims to share documented resistance cases among the authorities responsible for registration of PPPs across the EPPO region and between authorities and other stakeholders.


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EPPO Database on PPP Data Extrapolation – NEW

This EPPO Database on PPP Data Extrapolation provides detailed lists of acceptable extrapolations, for regulatory authorities and applicants. This database should be used in conjunction with EPPO Standard PP 1/257 Efficacy and crop safety extrapolations for minor uses.


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